Welcome to Wadihuda

An Era of educational and social enlightenment has begun since 1980 at Payangadi, Kannur, with the formation of Wadihuda Group of Institutions, undertaken by Taaleemul Islam Trust.

We, the wadihuda Group, now celebrate our existence of more than a quarter of a century, in euphoric spirit and contentment. With the utmost gratefulness to the Almighty, We dedicate our 3 decades of success to the society who have been supporting us all through the hard times of the past.

The excellence of Wadihuda education is reflected particularly in the "real world" education we afford our students. It's substantiated in what are often called important 21st century learning skills:, cross-cultural and global understanding, collaboration and leadership, character, critical thinking, , communications and creativity. An excellent academic and co-curricular program helps students become adaptive disciples with strong skills serving them well throughout their lives.

With this backstage canvas, We welcome you to spend some time on this website and then schedule an appointment to visit any of our campuses. Wadihuda offers excellence in quality and we look forward to sharing them with you and your family.



I'm pleased to welcome you to Wadihuda Group of Institutions. As you spend time getting to know us on our website, on our campus & off campus and in our classrooms, You will realize that Wadihuda Group, is really a remarkable entity.

Wadihuda Group under Ta'alemul Islam Trust is an independent non-profit and nondenominational group set on multi-locality campuses..