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Welcome to Wadihuda

An era of educational and social enlightenment had just begun in 1980 at Payangadi, Kannur. The TIT Group of Institutions, Wadihuda now celebrates its 30th Anniversary in its euphoric spirit and contentment.

With utmost gratefulness to the Almighty, we dedicate our 3 decade success to the society who have been supporting us all through.

Wadihuda Educational Institutions was established in 1980 with the noble aim of promoting the cause of high quality education among the masses. During the 29 years of its existence, the Institution has grown to be the only one of its kind the region. It runs at least 9 institutions providing education in pre-primary, primary, secondary and senior secondary classes apart from providing graduation and related courses in various disciplines, to more than 5000 students in and around the state. A well trained team of faculty along with a highly motivating and student-supportive environment make us special.At our schools, we impart value based education with a strict sense of discipline, instilling in our students a high degree of morality and social responsibility.

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